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Today, most men trust herbal semen leakage treatment when looking for natural ways to stop nightfall, sperm in urine, nocturnal emissions, and wet dreams problems.

With Ayush Remedies’ specially designed natural supplements, a man can naturally prevent involuntary ejaculation and overcome weakness caused due to frequent sperm leakage.


What are the reasons for nightfall?

Prolonged absence of copulation in sexually active men, over-excitement during the day, porn interaction, erotic chatters, stimulation of genitals during sleep, full urinary bladder, and obesity are common causes of nightfall.

These may bring occasional or frequent episodes of nocturnal emissions.

Weakness in nerves of the genital region, high stress, anxiety, nerve-relaxant medicines, too much smoking or alcohol intake, use of performance-enhancing supplements, and inflammation or congestion of the prostate gland are causes that bring frequent nightfall occurrences.

How can I stop nightfall?

If the frequency of nightfall is too high, more than twice in a week, you need semen leakage treatment to recover fast.

Support the treatment with a healthy daily routine by staying active, eating and sleeping at proper timings, and avoiding sexual stimulations.

Do not perform hand practice to release the desire for lovemaking or to control nightfall. It further dampens the problem by straining the reproductive system and nerves.

Herbal supplements to control nightfall address the root causes of the problem, remove debilities, bring sound sleep and improve prostate gland and nerve functions for holistic treatment.

NF Cure capsules are the most trusted herbal remedies by men worldwide to prevent nocturnal emissions and improve health and wellbeing.

What is the medicine for sperm leakage?

Herbs in quality herbal supplements are the best medicines to stop sperm in urine and frequent wet dreams.

Congestion in the prostate gland and its enlargement and inflammation causes the problem of sperm leakage.

Herbs shrink the enlarged prostate back to its normal size, diffuse inflammation, and clear infection and fluid build-up around the gland to stop sperm leakage and improve the quality and quantity of semen.

Herbs improve the health and functions of nerves that prevent semen from flowing out easily.

Healthy nerves prevent discharge during sleep, involuntary ejaculation, premature discharge in bed, and improve a male’s libido.

How do you stop nocturnal emissions?

You should avoid all types of sexual stimulations during the day. These stimulations make nerves hyperactive and increase sensation in the genital region.

Rubbing of bedsheets or pillows against your groin region can bring instant erection and discharge during sleep.

Empty your bladder before hitting the bed. A full bladder can bring erections which can cause discharge.

Read a good book before sleep, maintain a sleeping pattern, cut down on smoking and drinking, and avoid OTC medicines.

Use herbs to gain strong nerves and a healthy prostate gland, and higher physical energy to counter stress for long-lasting relief from the problem.

How can I stop wet dreams?

Herbs are the most reliable ways to stop nightfall in males.

The occasional occurrence of nightfall is not a problem. Still, the frequent occurrence is a sign of dysfunction, which can raise a few other male health problems to make life miserable.

These can cause low energy and chronic fatigue and even make a male lonely by causing frigidity.

Use herbal supplements such as No Fall capsules to prevent all sorts of involuntary ejaculations and gain better vitality and sound mental health.