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Today, most men trust natural male fertility supplements when looking for natural ways to increase sperm count.

With Ayush Remedies’ specially designed herbal sperm enhancer pills, men can naturally improve semen production and sperm health.

Male Fertility Supplements FAQs

What are the reasons for low sperm count?

Inflammation or infection, injuries, and trauma in testicles reduce the level of T hormone and the production of motile sperms in higher numbers.

Poor pituitary gland functions, lesser blood flow towards the reproductive system, excessive smoking or alcohol intake, drug use, hand practice, treatments, and certain types of medicines also lower sperm count.

Health problems like diabetes, hypogonadism, depression, etc., also lower sperm count of deteriorating male fertility.

Exposure to pollutants, heavy metals, chemicals, over-heated testicles, excessive riding, etc., are other reasons for low sperm count.

Can low sperm count be cured?

Supporting the best natural male fertility supplements with pure herbs as ingredients makes it possible to cure low sperm count and poor sperm motility problems.

Males suffer from poor fertility due to low sperm count and motility and improper ejaculation of semen on climax.

Herbal fertility supplements resolve issues that prevent complete and forceful discharge of semen from increasing the chances of conception.

These supplements provide long-lasting results as these eliminate even the risk factors that may affect sperm production or motility in the future.

These are safe and fit to be used by males of any age.

How can I increase my sperm count naturally?

Herbs are the most trusted and reliable way to gain higher sperm count and better fertility.

Use herbal supplements such as Spermac and Night Fire capsules to improve semen production and sperm health.

Support these supplements by eliminating foods from diet and activities from daily life that harm your masculinity.

Herbs provide nutritional support, improve hormonal signals for sperm production, and promote the release of healthy hormones. They protect healthy sperm from damage to increase sperm count naturally.

Do male fertility supplements actually work?

Herbal fertility supplements are highly beneficial for improving male fertility. The herbs of these supplements increase sperm count and motility to give a male a maximum chance of impregnating a woman.

These supplements increase semen volume by increasing the release of seminal fluids. They keep sperm canals clear and muscles of the penis stronger for forceful and complete discharge of semen.

Males suffering from poor prostate health have low semen volume, also a sign of poor fertility.

These supplements improve prostate health and testicular functions to provide a male with high-quality semen in higher volume.

How do you increase sperm volume?

Males suffering from poor prostate and testicular functions have low sperm volume. Herbal supplements improve prostate gland health and testicular functions to naturally increase sperm volume.

You can improve sperm count and volume naturally by taking Spermac and Vital M-40 capsules for a period of 3 or 4 months.

You gain better nutritional support, riddance from harmful hormones and free radicals, healthy reproductive organs, and regular energy circulation to gain higher sperm volume for better fertility.