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Today, most women trust herbal menstrual problems treatment when looking for natural ways to regulate irregular menstruation.

With Ayush Remedies’ specially designed herbal products, women can naturally cure heavy and painful periods and correct irregular menstrual cycles.

Menstrual Problems FAQs

What causes an irregular menstrual cycle?

The causes of irregular menstruation can range from stress to severe medical conditions. Stress and lifestyle disorders are the most common causes of irregularity in menstruation.

Other than these, polyps, fibroids, endometriosis, premature ovarian insufficiency, pelvic inflammatory diseases, polycystic ovary syndrome, birth control pills, blood thinners and anticoagulants, miscarriages, ectopic pregnancy, thyroid malfunction, and poor pituitary gland functions are most common.

Is there a natural way to regulate periods?

Herbs are the most reliable, effective, and safe ways to regulate irregular menstruation.

These can handle issues related to lifestyle, side effects of medicines, stress, poor glandular functions, and medical conditions.

Herbal supplements such as MCBC capsules give women regular and timely periods and better fertility, higher energy, and sound mental health.

The positive effects of herbs provide long-term relief. These address the root causes and not just manage symptoms to do patchwork.

How can I solve my period problems?

Get herbal menstrual problems treatment to resolve problems related to menstruation. Herbs help correct hormonal balance, a major cause of benign growth in internal organs like ovaries and uterus.

Women get heavy or scanty periods, delayed start, prolonged bleeding, and spotting between periods. Cramps and pain are other symptoms of hormonal fluctuations.

This treatment handles stress, ill effects of strenuous lifestyle, post-pregnancy phase, and side effects of medicines to provide complete relief.

The best part is it works for women of all ages. Even if you are approaching menopause or in your fertile age, this treatment works and provides safe results in every case.

How can I stop heavy menstrual bleeding naturally?

Irregularity in periods brings heavy and painful periods. To permanently cure heavy and painful periods, you need to take treatment to regulate healthy menstruation.

Herbs bring timely periods for 4-5 days and ensure proper bleeding and cleansing of the uterus. These relieve tense nerves and uterine muscles, which cause spasms to give painful periods and bring heavy and prolonged bleeding.

Poor hormonal signals trigger muscular spasms, making the uterus contract violently before or during periods to cause the problem.

Herbal treatment cures benign growth, improves glandular functions, energizes nerves and muscles, and enhances nutrition to bring timely menses and prevent painful and heavily flowing periods.

You can take Gynecure or MCBC capsules to get rid of your heavy menstrual bleeding problems naturally. These herbal supplements help regulate menstruation and improve women’s health.

What herbs are good for menstruation?

There are many herbs used for ages for curing menstrual problems. Shatavari, Kesar, Mochras, Ashoka, Lodhra, Pataltumbi, Swetbeej, etc., are a few to name.

Herbal supplements use an entire range of herbs as ingredients to give faster and better results.

How does being anemic affect your period?

If you are anemic, you may face painful periods and cramps before periods.

Apart from these, tiredness during periods and nausea and vomiting are other complications and abnormalities associated with anemia during periods.

You can take Gynecure and Feroplex capsules together to solve your menstrual problems associated with anemia.