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Today, most women trust herbal female libido booster pills when looking for natural ways to increase desire and passion in bed.

With Ayush Remedies’ specially designed natural sex drive supplements for women, one can naturally cure frigidity and low libido problems.

Female Libido Booster FAQs

What are the symptoms of low libido in women?

There are few apparent symptoms of low libido in women, but the frequency of lovemaking is undoubtedly not the one.

Women or their partners often judge libido by the number of days they become intimate every week or month. No magical number can be judicious enough to differentiate a low sex drive from a normal one.

Women’s libido is a roller coaster ride. Ups and downs keep coming and mostly coincide with significant life changes.

A new relationship may bring a surge in libido; pregnancy or menopause may bring a drop in libido.

If you are in good health, these phases will pass, and you will be back to normal. But if things are stretching too far, check out a few changes which can be clear signs.

If you are interested in any sexual activity, even masturbation; if you get erotic fantasies and thoughts and do these cause excitement; and if there is any time when you can thoroughly enjoy intimacy.

If the answer to all these questions is a No, you suffer from low libido.

Why has my libido dropped?

There are hoards of causes of female frigidity, natural phases, physical causes, and psychological ones.

Age, menstrual problems, pregnancy, post-natal phase, lactation, young children, and menopause are natural phases of a woman’s life that directly affect her libido.

Work stress or stress at home, anxiety, fibroids, endometriosis, uncontrolled diabetes, thyroid malfunction, weight gain, PCOS, and depression are also causes of low libido.

Certain types of medications and the use of oral contraceptives also cause frigidity.

Vaginal problems like dryness, itching, excessive discharge, etc., and urinary infections are other common causes of female frigidity.

Improper sleep and rest cause stress and deteriorate energy. These leave little energy for romance and bring a drop in libido.

Is it good to take libido pills?

It is beneficial to take natural sex drive supplements for women to regain lost drive and hoards of other benefits.

These supplements bring back hormonal secretion, energize the reproductive system, nullify side effects of medical conditions and medication.

These herbal supplements help fix menstruation and vaginal problems and enhance nerves of the genital region to give intense arousals and highly pleasurable climaxes.

You not only get a better lovemaking experience by using herbal supplements but far better physical and mental health, stamina, and energy to lead a pleasurable life.

What’s the best female libido enhancer?

The best female libido booster pills are herbal supplements that contain only herbs as an ingredient.

These are safe, reliable, suit women of any age and provide long-lasting results. These do not cause any adverse effects on health and cause no dependency.

Lady Fire, Fantasy, and Kamni are a few names that have gained a worldwide reputation for improving female libido and health.