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Today, most people trust herbal hemorrhoids treatment when looking for natural ways to cure external and internal piles.

Ayush Remedies’ specially designed natural products for hemorrhoids naturally help shrink hemorrhoids and reduce symptoms like swelling and itching.

Hemorrhoids Treatment FAQs

What is the leading cause of hemorrhoids?

Pressure over the lower rectum and anus is the leading cause of hemorrhoids.

This pressure can occur due to dry and hard stools generally caused by constipation, longer sitting over the toilet seat, chronic diarrhea, pregnancy, low fiber diet, and heavyweight lifting.

Hemorrhoids can cause blood loss and severe pain while pooping. It can cause burning or pain during the daytime as well.

Many see the sudden appearance of hemorrhoids which is severely painful.

What is the difference between internal and external piles?

Internal piles are swollen veins and tissues located in the lower rectum. These are also called bleeding piles, as the victim loses blood during bowel movements.

Internal piles are not painful, but treatment for internal piles is necessary to stop regular blood loss.

External piles are around the skin of the anus. These, too, are swollen veins and tissues of skin that prolapsed due to regular pressure.

One can feel these on the touch as bumps over the anal lining. External piles cause severe to moderate pain during and even after a bowel movement.

These can be frustrating during the daytime. Proper treatment for external piles is needed to shrink hemorrhoids for relief.

Can hemorrhoids be treated without surgery?

Hemorrhoids are best treated without surgeries. Surgical intervention cuts out the bulging lumps, but if the cause of the problem persists, these may reappear in a short time.

Surgeries primarily provide just temporary relief and not a long-lasting one in most cases.

A proper natural treatment shrinks hemorrhoids, stops bleeding and relieves pain, and cures digestive problems to reduce pressure and reappearance of problems in the future.

Pilesgon capsule is an excellent herbal remedy that contains a perfect blend of high-quality herbs to address the underlying causes of internal and external hemorrhoids.

What shrinks hemorrhoids fast?

Lesser pressure over the rectum and anus, reduced inflammation, and smooth blood flow in veins provide relief and shrink hemorrhoids.

Herbal hemorrhoids treatment works effectively and brings long-lasting relief.

Herbs reduce pressure, diffuse inflammation, promote blood flow, curb pain, and control bleeding. These also dissolve clots that give rise to painful external hemorrhoids.

Pilesgon capsules relieve piles symptoms and prevent the reoccurrence of the problem. A person of any age can use this herbal remedy.

How do you get rid of internal and external hemorrhoids?

The use of herbal supplements provides the best hemorrhoid treatment. Herbs promote soft stools that pass smoothly without exerting any pressure over veins and tissues.

These treat colon and digestive problems that cause chronic constipation, dry stools, and diarrhea to increase the chances of hemorrhoids and cause them again and again.

The use of these supplements stops bleeding, relieves pain and itching, and shrinks swollen veins and skin tissues to provide relief.

These supplements effectively resolve the problem of internal and external hemorrhoids for the long term and eliminate the need for any surgical intervention.