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Today, most people trust natural thyroid support supplements when looking for effective ways to improve thyroid gland function.

A person can naturally reduce hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism symptoms with Ayush Remedies’ specially designed herbal thyroid supplements.

Thyroid Support FAQs

What causes thyroid problems?

Iodine deficiency, autoimmune disorder, a viral infection causing inflammation in the gland, growth of non-cancerous lumps or cysts, surgeries, hypothyroidism caused by diseases, genetic disorders, and certain types of medicines can cause thyroid gland malfunctions.

Apart from these causes, pregnancy, miscarriages, bleeding after childbirth, and premature birth can also cause thyroid problems.

When the thyroid gland is not functioning correctly, it either releases excessive T3 and T4 hormones or a low amount of these.

Both the conditions raise severe symptoms as thyroid hormones are crucial for metabolism and numerous other bodily functions.

How can I boost my thyroid naturally?

If you are worried that your thyroid might be under-performing, take the support of herbs to treat it naturally.

Herbal thyroid support supplements such as Thyronil capsules provide the benefits of herbs that improve thyroid functions and promote the release of thyroid hormones in proper amounts.

These herbs promote the release of TSH thyroid-stimulating hormone that activates the thyroid to release hormones.

Herbs also eliminate deficiencies, curb autoimmune disorders to protect the gland from damage, reduce inflammation due to infection, and dilute the ill effects of smoking and other harmful habits to improve thyroid functions naturally.

Is it safe to take thyroid supplements?

It is safe to take herbal thyroid supplements for a healthy thyroid gland. These are fit to be used long-term without fear of side effects.

People of any age can use these without the need for any prescription. These are also safe for people taking other treatments or medicines.

How do you improve low functioning thyroid?

Natural thyroid support supplements are the best way to improve a low functioning thyroid.

Due to their herbal ingredients, these supplements improve the gland’s health and protect it from stressors and damaging agents and disorders in the body.

These provide proper hormone balance to maintain the gland’s functions and prevent it from over or underperforming.

These improve pituitary gland functions which trigger the thyroid to release hormones by releasing TSH. Many times low TSH makes the thyroid less active.

Along with using these supplements, you should support the thyroid gland by eating foods that supplement iodine and avoid foods from the cabbage family and soy foods.

Stay active and avoid smoking and alcohol.

How do you relieve thyroid symptoms?

Take herbal supplement Thyronil with regularity and discipline to relieve thyroid symptoms quickly.

The herbs bring thyroid functions back to normal in less time and relieve symptoms.

Support herbs with a proper diet that avoids food that affects thyroid functions negatively.

All types of processed foods, sugary and spicy foods, cabbage, and similar species, soy foods are not suitable for the thyroid.

Eat a balanced diet with more veggies, nuts, and fruits to improve thyroid functions.

Stay active, take timely sleep, avoid smoking and alcohol, and meditate to stay mentally calm and relaxed.