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Today, most people trust herbal general health supplements when looking for natural ways to improve health and wellness.

With Ayush Remedies’ specially designed natural nutritional products, men and women can naturally improve health, energy, and immunity.

General Health Supplements FAQs

Are natural supplements better for you?

Natural health supplements allow you to consume concentrated vitamins, minerals and protein derived solely from plants.

These supplements are manufactured in the lab, but the herbs are not created in labs like synthetic supplements.

Consumption of natural supplements is like consuming concentrated forms of plant food; hence these are safe and cause no adverse effect on health.

Furthermore, these supplements improve nutritional support to cure health problems and improve energy and immunity.

With these supplements, you get nutrients not available in locally grown vegetation.

Do natural dietary supplements work?

Natural dietary supplements work excellently and safely. These are derived from plant sources and are like concentrated foods.

The body can quickly metabolize and absorb the nutrition to cure deficiencies and improve energy supplementation.

Natural supplements also minimize the risk of over-supplementation because of their natural form.

The body can easily discard the excess quantity if not needed. Plus, these do not come with any artificially designed or synthetic material.

Are herbal products safe?

Nature does the creation of ingredients that herbal supplements contain. These supplements come with herbs as ingredients that are grown like any other food.

Herbs, too, are plant food with only differences in their properties and nutrient concentration. It is the reason behind the safety and efficacy of herbal products.

There is not even an age bar to use herbal or natural supplements. Everyone can use these without fear of adverse effects from young to elderly individuals.

During manufacturing, the quality and quantity of ingredients are strictly checked for safety.

How long does it take herbal supplements to work?

There is no general timeline for herbal supplements to work. Every individual has different health status, genetic propensities, and severity of health problems.

Some get quick results, while some may need a little more time to gain relief. Personal choices and behavior also vary the duration of results.

People generally eating healthy and fresh foods and leading active lifestyles get results early while others need more time.

The secret to gaining benefits from natural supplements lies with regularity and discipline.

Do herbal supplements require a prescription?

General health supplements do not require any prescription. These improve health and wellness by improving nutritional support.

Furthermore, these supplements make nutrients available to the body in a suitable form for absorption.

People with digestive disorders or metabolic issues cannot gain complete nutrition even after eating a healthy diet.

Other significant issues are growing pollution and low soil fertility. Soil with low fertility produces food with less nutrient concentration.

Natural supplements bridge the gap between nutritional supply and body’s requirement and for sound health and are non-prescriptive supplements.